Specialty Services

Do you prefer smoother, straighter hair? Or do you have a never-ending battle with frizz? Then our smoothing treatments are for you. Smoothing treatments are design for naturally textured hair to reduce the curls and frizz, making your hair easier to style and maintain. Ask your stylist if a smoothing treatment is right for you.

Specialty Treatments

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment….$325 & up
Global Smoothing Treatment….$325 & up
Lasio Keratin Treatment….$325 & up
Cezanne Classic Keratin….$325 & up
Cezanne Express Keratin….$125 & up
Coppola Express Blowout….$125 & up
Cezanne Instant Keratin….$75
Deep Conditioning Treatment….$30-$40
Hair Extensions….hourly rate, consultation required